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The Ultimate Camping Guide – Secrets On How To Stay Cool On The Campgrounds Included!

Camping is a great way to spend time with friends, family, and the great outdoors. But heading out into the wilderness with no preparation can make a fun trip go south very quickly. Depending on your destination, whether you are flying or driving, close to home or far away, there is a list of must-have camping essentials for any camping trip, regardless of destination. Lucky for you, we have broken down a list of cannot live without, might get by, and just for fun things needed for the perfect camping trip.

    -Sleeping bag
    -Cooler filled with water, snacks, and any other beverage or food of choice
    -Map of the area (trust us, you don’t want to wander into a bear infested area)
    -Waterproof backpack
    -Toilet paper
    -Multiple changes of comfortable clothing
    -Sweatshirts/pants for nighttime
    -Sunscreen (YES IT’S A MUST)
    -Entertainment – whether that be a fishing pole, Frisbee,
    -Towels (esp. if there is a body of water nearby)
    -Hiking shoes
    -First aid kit
    -Basic tool kit
    -Shovel (to make a legit fire pit)
    -Metal sticks for hot dogs and marshmallows
    -Rain boots
    -BB guns

While all the above will make for the perfect camping trip, no outdoor activity is complete without the Mister Cooler portable misting system. Compact, user-friendly and the coolest essential item to make for an enjoyable, entertaining getaway. The Mister Cooler recycles melted ice from your cooler and filters it into a refreshing mist that keeps you cool while camping in the great outdoors, deterring pests at the same time.

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